HECK YES, Todd! I want to become a pro at mass customer acquisition and deep customer monetization. 
I know it's the core of having a wildly-successful business. And I don't want to miss a single secret, principle, strategy, or tactic you'll be sharing in A&M. 

Plus, with the weekly Big Idea Green-Light Sessions and Copy-Logic Scoring & Improvement Sessions... I love how my marketing will be perfected with the same tools used by the biggest direct response companies. I'm in!
Here's What I'm Getting...
  • HUGE!! LIVE, Big Idea Green-Light Sessions - Get personalized reviews, feedback, and specific guidance to dial-in any new marketing idea! Every week.
  • HUGE!! Copy Scoring & Improvement Sessions - Agora’s “copy-perfecting process” applied to all your marketing campaigns. Every week.   
  • “Direct Response” Deep Dive Trainings - You’ll develop master marketing chops as Todd plumbs the depths of the most lucrative principles for mass customer acquisition and monetization.
  • Exclusive Campaign Dissections - You’ll learn the hidden principles and secret strategies that power real world-class marketing campaigns.
  • Private Backstage Passes - You get a rare, inside peek into Todd Brown’s personal methods for rapidly scaling a multi-million-dollar marketing & sales machine!
  • Tactical Implementation Sessions - Live “how to” coaching and Q&A with Todd so your campaigns are built with the latest breakthrough marketing tactics.  
  • Todd’s Real-Time Swipe File - You get access to Todd’s private, updated weekly, collection of new swipe-worthy material (with annotated notes). 
  • Camaraderie & Community - Get input, guidance, motivation, and insights from hundreds of the top marketers in the world!
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